Company foundation; change of company data

Foundation of business organizations and modification of most of their particulars registered in the company registry require compulsory participation of a lawyer. Based on our experiences obtained during recent years, the rules of company law are altered – under the slogan of either the fight against underground economy or simplification – to a smaller or greater extent in every one and a half year on the average imposing, as the case may be, such obligations on company owners and executive officers the failure of which might substantiate a mandatory fine ranging – according to the currently effective rules – from HUF 50 000 to HUF 900 000.

In order to avoid such risks, Petia Law Office participates not only in drafting the necessary documents for changing company data and in their electronic submission to the competent court of registry but also it reviews whether the respective company complies with the notification obligations stipulated in statutory regulations even without the client’s specific request for such change.